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Whole Bean JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN 100% Arabica

Brand: Magnificent Coffee
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Jamaica Blue Mountain is located at the top of the coffee pyramid.

What makes Jamaica coffee unique is its microclimate and location. Located in the eastern part of Jamaica, the Blue Mountains are characterized by fertile soils, abundant rainfall and moderate temperatures. The layer of clouds limits the sunlight reaching the coffee plant shrubs, which slows down the ripening of coffee and has a valuable impact on its taste and aroma. Coffee in this region grows at high altitudes. The Blue Mountains provide the coffee drinkers with shade as 85% of the coffee is covered by forests. Height, climate and protection of the forest together create unique conditions for the growth of coffee beans. The Blue Mountains smell strongly and captivatingly of fruit, flowers and herbs.

Jamaican Arabica is a coffee that is hard to reach, and its share in the coffee market is only about 1%.

About 25,000 farmers grow coffee. The Blue Mountain Coffee Plantations are located at an altitude of 914 to 1666 metres above sea level. The higher areas are designated for a forest reserve. The total cultivated area of this unique Arabica is 6 000 ha.

It is generally recognised that the altitude of coffee cultivation is essential to the quality of the coffee. Coffee grown in the higher parts of the mountains yields beans with a denser structure, which contributes to the richer taste and aroma in the cup.

In 1950, the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board (also known as JCIB) was established to protect the quality and taste of these exceptional beans.

Jamaica Blue Mountain
coffee is probably the only coffee in the world to be packaged in wooden barrels instead of bags. The cherries are harvested by hand and growers produce only ripe fruit.

Arabica Blue Mountain is processed using the "wet" method.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Parboiled Jamaica is distinguished by its "finite", sophisticated taste. It has a delicate, balanced, sweet and pure aroma. Its taste is reminiscent of flowers, fruits, chocolate and spices. The taste provides a wealth of sensations, is exceptionally durable and develops on the palate.

It is a coffee that is ideal for use in pressure machines.

Jamaica Jamaica Blue Mountain
Arabica is one of the best "Single Origin" coffees in the world, which every coffee connoisseur should taste at least once in his life.

Flavor profile:

perfectly balanced





Smoking profile
- light/medium/strong (at the customer's choice)

- low

ethod processing -wet

We roast Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee only on request so that you can enjoy only freshly roasted coffee. Delivery time is 3 days.



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