Whole Bean SUMATRA 100% Arabica

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Whole bean Sumatra coffee is one of the lesser-known coffees which taste brings the wildness of the tropical Indonesian island located in Southeast Asia, in the Malay Archipelago. Sumatra coffee beans grow longer and have sweeter grains due to the fact that they all are grown in the shadow of Sumatran jungle trees. This is a hand-picked coffee with a deep body and intense, wild profile. The unique processing of the coffee beans called Giling Basah (wet hulling) is one of the factors that distinguishes Sumatra among all coffee regions.

Enjoy the original taste and gentle acidity. If you fancy a bit of chocolate and want to feel the intriguing notes of tropical ground cover, this coffee will be perfect for you.

 Flavor profile:

gentle and full of flavor

dark chocolate

tropical ground cover

Roasting profile - strong


Acidity - low



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