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Whole Bean PANAMA GEISHA 100% Arabica

Brand: Magnificent Coffee
Shipping time 2-3 working days

Arabica Panama Geisha is one of the most desirable coffees in the world. It is an unrivalled coffee in terms of aroma and complexity of taste. Coffee connoisseurs call it "God in the cup".

It gained its greatest popularity after winning the Best of Panama Coffee Competition in 2004.

It is the only coffee in history that has remained in first place for the next five years. She delighted the jury with the aroma of bergamot with a noticeable citrus-floral sweetness.

Due to the difficulty of cultivation, Geisha's availability is very limited. Geisha is grown in the Boquete (Chiriqui) region at an altitude of between 1500 and 1750 m above sea level on steep volcanic slopes, which allows it to mature slowly, drawing the best from nature.

The altitude of the plantation and the ideal climatic conditions give our coffee a unique taste profile that is difficult to reproduce anywhere else.

Panama Geisha opens new taste horizons.

The notes of jasmine, citrus, honey, bergamot and vanilla make Panama coffee delightful from the very beginning with its palette of flavours.

It is most often processed by the "wet" method.

It is the world's top coffee in demand by all lovers of Arabica.

Panama Geisha
best exposes its qualities using a variety of alternative methods, losing its charm when covered with a layer of milk. We also recommend it for traditional espresso, which slightly less enhances its richness and taste.

The taste profile:

mild and complex in taste





Smoking profile
- light/medium/strong (at the customer's choice)

- average

Processing method
- wet

We roast Panama Geisha coffee only on request so that you can enjoy only freshly roasted coffee. Delivery time is 3 days.



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