Whole Bean KENIA AA 100% Arabica

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The "AA" symbol of whole beans coffe means the highest available grain quality. It is a guarantee that the size, shape and density of the grains are among the best in the world, and each produces a unique dose of aroma and taste. The area where Kenya's coffee plants grow, is approximately 160,000 ha. The large plantations account for 1/3 of all area, while the rest belongs to minor growers.

The coffee harvests are held on plantations at an altitude of 1500-2100 meters twice a year. Only fully grown grains are harvested. After the wet processing, another careful selection is made. Grains are then dried on properly prepared racks in the hot African sun.

This coffee belongs to the absolute top world coffee types, we recommend it to connoisseurs and coffee gourmets.

 Flavor profile:




Roasting profile - medium

Acidity – high



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