Whole Bean HONDURAS GEISHA 100% Arabica

Brand: Magnificent Coffee
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Honduras is the third Latin American coffee producer after Brazil and Colombia and the sixth largest exporter in the world.

Arabica Honduras Geisha is an exceptional coffee with a tradition dating back to 1794. It is the result of the work of 64 growers who are concentrated on the Jerusalem family farm.

The Arabica coffee plantations are located in the municipality of Trinidad, in El Carmen, Montecristo, El Guineal, El Güijo and Carretal and cover a total area of approximately 35 hectares.

The very humid and hot tropical climate with abundant rainfall in Honduras creates an excellent arabica. Honduras Geisha belongs to the SHG and Premium categories as it is cultivated at an altitude of more than 1450 m above sea level.

Honduras Geisha is treated "wet". The harvested ripe fruits are first crushed in the pulps. The fermentation process takes place afterwards and lasts between 12 and 16 hours. The coffee is dried naturally on the patio and, finally, the parchment layers are removed from the surface of the beans. The finished beans are sorted and packed in jute bags.

Honduras Geisha
is an exceptionally balanced coffee for anyone who appreciates chocolate pleasure. It is also full of juicy citrus notes.

Arabica Honduras Geisha
coffee is especially recommended for espresso and coffee shop.

The taste profile:

Perfectly balanced



Smoking profile
- light/medium/strong (at the customer's choice)

- average

Wet processing

We only roast Honduras Geisha coffee on request so that you can enjoy only freshly roasted coffee. Delivery time is 3 days.



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