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„Magnificent Coffee” - with passion for coffee!

The flavors of our coffee will take you on a journey to the various corners of the world. Carefully selected and freshly roasted Magnificent Coffee beans provide exceptional taste and aroma. Thanks to us the coffee drinking will be a unique experience for you.

Our goal is to introduce you to the exceptional taste, thus Magnificent Coffee is available only in grains. Carefully selected and freshly roasted grains of our coffee can seduce many coffee connoisseurs.

Within an hour after grinding, coffee loses as much as 30% of its taste attributes, so it is best to grind it just before brewing.

It is important to remember that during the grinding process, coffee produces aromatic oils that have an unmistakable effect on the aroma and taste of the drink, which fades over time.

The best choice is to buy 250 grams of coffee. This way you have the guarantee that after opening, the coffee will not lose its flavor and unique aroma.

Magnificent coffee grinding styles / brewing methods:

Fine-grained / Turkish coffee in a skillet

Medium-grained / low and high pressure coffee machine and pour-over coffee maker

Coarse-grained / moka pot, French press, pots, filters


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